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Parche Cachaco Tours allows you to create an entirely unique travel experience, designed around your own specific needs and interests. You choose when and where you want to travel, and the included services and activities based on your personal budget.

Our team will guide you through the process with professional advice on how to make all this fit together swimmingly. Furthermore, tailormade tours allow you to easily dovetail destinations in one single day while enjoying a more personalized experience.

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Bogota is not a city that you just visit once, have fun, and then move on. This means it offers a unique opportunity to learn and live and enriching experience—particularly while looking through its eyes. 

Discover the top destinations, which will allow you into the sights and sounds of the Colombian capital and its surroundings. 

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40 Bailarines

We have had some marvelous days. The help of Gina managing the excursions, Juan as guide and Carlos as the driver was the best team we could have. Hopefully, we can come back soon.

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