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In compliance with the declaration of emergency in public health of the World Health Organization (WHO) on January 30, 2020—due to the outbreak—the Ministry of Health and Social Protection issued Resolution 385 of March 12, 2020, by which it declares a health emergency throughout the national territory to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19 and mitigate its effects.

For Parche Cachaco Tours, it is crucial to have an excellent relationship with its customers. Therefore, we have designed a biosecurity protocol under the laws of the Ministry of Health to take care of everyone while enjoying tourism in the city of Bogota and its nearby surroundings.



1) The correct use of masks is mandatory.

2) Use the cleaning area intended for hand and shoe disinfection. It’s equipped with alcohol, antibacterial gel, and shoe disinfectant.

3) Customer service personnel must keep a kit containing soapy water, alcohol, antibacterial gel, disposable towels, and face masks, available throughout the service.

4) Clean and disinfect the elements in the agency every time they are used or at least every three hours.

5) Exchanging work equipment, personal items, or protective elements with others is not allowed.

6) Respect the physical barrier between the staff and the client established in the agency. The personnel in charge will use the protection elements, face masks and latex or nitrile gloves, during the exchange and receipt of invoices and correspondence, and any kind of interaction.

7) Papers will be received in sealed envelopes and packages only after the disinfection process. Likewise, every person who arrives must disinfect their hands and shoes.

8) Upon arriving at the agency, staff who have provided services to tourists must immediately deposit in a designated lid-protected container the face masks, gloves, and other waste. Before carrying out any activity, he/she must carry out the hand and shoe disinfection protocol.


1) The correct use of face masks is mandatory throughout the tour.

2) The entire staff must wash and disinfect their hands with water, soap and disposable towel at the beginning and end of each tour and at least every three hours.

3) Clean and disinfect the items used by tourists and staff every time they are used or at least every three hours.

4) Before each tour, each traveler will be provided with a personal protection kit, which must have face masks and alcohol. Moreover, a record of temperature measurements will be kept according to the established format.

5) The proper use of the mask must be verified and that the disinfection process of hands and shoes is carried out following the established protocol.

6) The number of people per booking cannot be higher than 6. Although it is possible to book a bigger group, tourists will be informed that they will be divided into smaller groups that follow the protocol—with another guide.

7) The social distancing between groups must be at least 4 meters during the guidance and rest periods. And when moving from one place to another, the distance must be 2 meters.

8) Once the tour is over, the guide must clean and disinfect his/her clothing, shoes and the equipment used, such as binoculars, cameras, microphones, audio guides, maps, smart phones, and so forth.

9) The tourism agency PARCHE CACHACO TOURS reserves the right of admission for people with symptoms associated with COVID-19.

10) If a tourist refuses to use the kit and abide by the instructions disposed in the protocol—which were informed by the agency and accepted by the customer prior to the tour—the company can, and should, reserve the right to admission of this person without any additional charge.


1) The use of face masks in the vehicle and throughout the tour is mandatory.

2) The driver must clean and disinfect the car before each trip according to the established sanitary protocols.

3) Before each tour, it must be verified that each traveler has his face mask and that it is used correctly. Besides, everyone must perform the hand and shoe disinfection procedure following the established protocol.

4) The temperature of each passenger must be taken, and whoever reports a temperature above 37.5 ° will not be admitted.

5) Each passenger must occupy the seat assigned to them.

6) Tourists must refrain from touching the door handles, the driver and/or guide will be the only ones authorized to handle them.

7) The driver must have alcohol (at least 60%) for frequent use in the vehicle cabin. Every time he or a tourist returns to the vehicle, he must make sure to keep clean the elements that imply contact. It is recommended to dispense with the use of air conditioning in the vehicle and opt for natural ventilation by keeping the windows open.

8) The consumption of food and beverages inside the vehicle is prohibited.

9) Once the driving work is finished, the driver must wash and disinfect the clothes, shoes, and equipment used, such as microphones, maps, smartphones, and so forth.


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