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Mount Monserrate & Some “Fun Facts”

Mount Monserrat

What to Do in Bogota?

Monserrate, named after Virgin Morena (Barcelona, Spain), is a place surrounded by prolific nature, Indigenous mystery, and enthralling history. This is still reflected today through very interesting cultural expressions yet bizarre sometimes.

Here, we’ll tell you some “fun facts” in a fun way. So, stick to the end!

You’ll find the second-highest viewpoint of Bogota from Mount Monserrate. There, you’ll have the chance to take in the breathtaking views, either toward the city or the forests in the back that harbor over 80 species of hummingbirds.

However, if you look even closer, you might peek through the pages of history carved into cobbled streets—still breathing—looking forward to telling you what has been going on long before you and I would write or read this post. This comprehensive narrative—told by the birds flying over the flowers, not on a pilgrimage, tough—brings history into a more profound level that might have the potential to change the way you experience tourism. Oh yeah, birds don’t speak, but… err, let’s move on.

Some people believe the indigenous Chibcha spirits are still dwelling among the mountains with the new Catholic worldview and architecture. Actually, the latter is from around 1690—not new at all, but you get the idea. I mean, the Muiscas got here in the 6th century BC!

Interestingly, it turns out that the mountain is a volcano, not active, though. Nevertheless, for a long time, some people held the belief that someday the Mount would bury the city. Although, according to geo-scientist, that’s not going to happen, so there’s nothing to worry about. And as a further matter, the sanctuary endured three earthquakes that took place between 1743 and 1827, and no one saw a fire! Not even smoke… aside from the smokers running away for their lives with their cigarettes anyways.

So, considering that, the theory of the sleepy volcano burying the city is just another myth. Oh, talking about myths! A popular one—that was born out of a Bambuco song—says that couples who go there never get married. So, for the sake of the popular belief, we recommend taking your date on a coffee plantation tour instead—just kidding.

Some other “fun facts” are that the statue of the “Fallen Lord” supposedly grows hair. “Seriously?” — you might cry out. Well, you’ll have to find out at the church. Besides, some people believe that the statue can even perform miracles. The sad news is that if you want to get yours, you’ll have to embark on long knee-hiking experience to the top of the mount on a Sunday morning.

In any case, there are even crazier ways to get to the top. Quick disclaimer: Do not try these at home! Okay?

In 1895, a Canadian tightrope walker, Harry Warner, crossed (blindfolded) the space that separates the hills of Monserrate and Guadalupe on an 890-meter cable. Or at least, that’s what you hear.

November 24th, 2004: Someone decided to reach the top by car! Yes, it was a Grand Cherokee Laredo that made it to the threshold of the Sanctuary after 10 insane hours. This one is for real!

Just try to imagine that! Honestly, I probably know why Captain America came on a tour here to rescue his friend, the Winter Soldier, during one of the Avengers movies. It happens in the movies; it happens in Bogota. No pun intended.

Quick note: if you do want to have an adventure, a safe one anyway, you will love these eco-tours. Make sure to check them out.

In closing, we hope this reading brought some ideas to your trip-planning and the things that you can do—and what you shouldn’t try to do, too. Oh, almost forgot! The last myth here, I figure, is that there is a specific spot in Monserrate that shows you the way to El Dorado. You won’t probably find actual gold, but you will certainly find a golden-like, memorable experience everywhere, which is perhaps a little bit better. I’ll let you be the judge.

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Happy traveling and hope to see you soon.

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